Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) or DevOps is a super interesting combination of Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Computer Networking, Cloud Providers knowledge, Internet Protocols, Computer Security, Automation tooling and a Mentality & Attitude.

In order to trust someone to take care of your business infrastructure you need to make sure the individual has what it takes to build and maintain such systems. Validating these skills is not a trivial task to accomplish.

During my career I have witnessed many situations of hiring not the best individuals for the position which the company & the team really needed. I also witnessed losing perfect individuals because of asking the wrong questions to them during the interview.

I am offering a DevOps / SRE interviewing service, where I will interview your candidates on your behalf for your specific needs and report to you the strongest candidates.

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“Job Interviewing is just a skill like any other skill, some people have more of predisposition for it than others, Dale Dauten”